Free Spirit Festival Free Spirit Festival - celebration of Tibetan art and culture, especially reflecting contemporary life.

History Free Spirit Festival 2002

Love and Compassion
are the true essence of human beauty.

Jealousy, envy, competitiveness, and deceitfulness
are the negative aspects of human nature.

— His Holiness the Dalai Lama


It is 2002, and here we are with ... the third Free Spirit Festival (FSF). The planning for this started right after the second one had finished. After some brainstorming, the idea of Shambala Miss Tibet came upon us. Shambala Miss Tibet is unique because it is not just about physical beauty, but is also about inner beauty and the age-old wisdom of Tibet.

It is designed to provide a platform for Tibetan women to showcase their talents and aspirations, and to give them platform to tell the world that they are as able as any other women around the world.

We now have 6 final contestants. As in most cases, funding has been our greatest difficulty, and we have worked until the last minute to raise all the necessary unds.

Every effort has been made to make the pageant a Tibetan event. The competition rounds are reflective of this.

Shambala Miss Tibet will run from 10 to 12 October 2002. The swimsuit round on the 10th has been designated for private judging due to the unfamiliarity of Tibetans with such an event.

The judges are all non-Tibetans, to provide a non-biased judgment. We are working to bring the winner of SMT to Miss Universe, Miss World, etc. Already, Miss Tourism World has agreed to include a Tibetan representative!

In addition to SMT in this year's FSF, we have poems in English from three young Tibetan poets. Pekar will display her paintings and sculptures. There will also be traditional Tibetan wood carvings presented by Lha Shing Woodworks based in Dharamshala.

Tsewang Chonden from Thangtong Lugar will present Dekar "Tibetan Jester", an art fast vanishing from the Tibetan community. Dekars used to be an important feature at wedding ceremonies and other social festivities like Losar, the Tibetan New Year — but have almost disappeared today.

Tibet Today: Vijay Kranti, who has been associated with Tibet and Tibetans for over three decades, will through his slides and a talk, take us into the lanes of modern Lhasa and the surrounding areas. In that, it is hoped that we can witness whether the Chinese so-called "development projects" carried out are genuine develpments for Tibetans, or have some other purpose.

We hope you will like the show!
Ticket is Rs. 100/- only.

Kyipo tang
Lobsang Wangyal


Shambala Miss Tibet: The Schedule

Creativeness is a state of being in which the conflicts and sorrow of the self are absent, a state in which the mind is not caught up in the demands and pursuits of desire.

— J Krishnamurti