Free Spirit Festival Free Spirit Festival - celebration of Tibetan art and culture, especially reflecting contemporary life.

History 2001 Sonam Tsering

Sonam Tsering was born at the Tibet-Nepal border in a village called Syarthang, in the early 1960s.

At about five or so, I was admitted in the upper Tibetan Children's Village school in Dharamshala my parents did not have my birth record.

I was brought up in the school till 1981 while my parents worked in the road buildings in Kullu-Manali areas. I then joined the Central Institute of Higher Tibetan Studies at Sarnath in Varanasi. From there I graduated with a Shastri degree (equivalent to bachelors degree) in 1987.

Thereafter, I joined to serve my community as a Tibetan and art teacher in lower TCV school in Dharamshala, and then in the SOS TCV school in Pokhara in Nepal for ten years.

Now I am working in the Education Development and Resource Centre as a research scholar in the TCV school in Dharamshala.

With regard to photography, I have interest in this art from childhood. I could not do photography then because of my situation. I started to learn photography by myself in 1990 with my first Praktica MTL 50 SLR camera, which I still use. I purchased the camera with my few years' savings.

I still have to learn more about this art. I find photography as one of the arts that helps in capturing a moment in time: The state of the Present.

Sonam Tsering will present 10 of his photographs in the Free Spirit Festival.