Free Spirit Festival Free Spirit Festival - celebration of Tibetan art and culture, especially reflecting contemporary life.

History 2001 Pasang Tsering

Pasang was born in 1959 in Tibet in Tsang village.

He joined Central School for Tibetans in Simla in 1969. Selected to play a major role in a film made by the Children's' Film Society of India "Zangbo or Zing Zing Bar" in 1977. Since he got failed in the 10th class board exams in 1979, he joined the army.

My 20 years in army gave me lots of courage, physical and mental fitness, and above all a strong feeling of Nationalism. I left the army at the end of 1999 with the intention of becoming a monk. But by what people call "talent", my way of life changed, ending up as a comedian. Since then I have done many solo comedy shows at the requests of people from all walks of life.

Children being my special attention, I have performed in different schools for their loving hearts.

The world "comedian" was first used for me by a former Rector of Central Schools for Tibetans in Simla, Mr Tsepak Rigzin. He also gave me an opportunity to perform a show for the students for half an hour. The show stretched to two hours in the end. Since then I have given 51 stage shows in all in India and Nepal. Thanks to Mr Tsepak Rigzin.

My thanks also go to Bhuchung K Tsering for his very encouraging comments in Tibetan Review.There are a number of other different people who stand a big way in pursuit of my career, but due to lack of space here I would not be able to name them all. I thank you all too. To be honest, I perform for fees, but when it is Tibetan Youth Congress or Tibetan Women's Association or Schools, I have no courage to accept a single penny for all the "Tingmos" I have had wasted from our government. Thank you.

Pasang Tsering will do a 30-minute show in the evening with his newest comedies, exclusively for the Free Spirit Festival.