Free Spirit Festival Free Spirit Festival - celebration of Tibetan art and culture, especially reflecting contemporary life.

Lobsang Tenzing Namling

Lobsang was born on 22 July 2916 in Darjeeling, India.

My parents fled after the Chinese occupation of Tibetan in 1959. They went to Darjeeling, northeast India. I grew up in Dharamshala, completing my basic school education there. I studied philosophy at St Stephen's College, Delhi University. As a child, my interest in Tibetan culture was deeply influenced by many events happening around me.

Annual performances of TIPA at our school gave us children great joy and love for our culture. When I was fifteen, my parents gave me a dranyen (Tibetan lute), with which I soon discovered the joy of playing and sharing music.

I have been living in Switzerland since 1989. My contact with Western musicians has also been influential in my music.

My purpose of drawing political cartoons is to encourage and inspire young tibetans of the alternate means to contribute cratively to our cause. Though it's a small step, I hope your initiative to exhibit my cartoons will draw some interest among young Tibetans.

Lobsang Tenzing Namling is presenting 11 of his cartoons in the Free Spirit Festival.