Free Spirit Festival Free Spirit Festival - celebration of Tibetan art and culture, especially reflecting contemporary life.

History 2001 Lee Gyuji OKA

He was born in Japan

Dancer, Choreographer, Dance Rhizome movement organizer; Dance performances and workshops for deep communication among us, in Japan, Thailand, India, France, Holland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Yugoslavia, Venezuela, etc.

Quiet Change

How can we feel others as ourselves, and know other people's inside as well as our inside? Dance is one of the best ways for feeling each others, and understanding each other without words. For that aim, we need to learn from native people in the world, because they have their own ways of communication with nature and people. And it is more important for humans future, than the modern western ego-system. So I believe. I hope to invent ways of relating, types of existence, types of values, ways of exchanging between different cultures beyond every border through my dance.

I will dance for quiet changes of this world.

Lee Ryuji OKA will present his "Quiet Change" in the evening.