Free Spirit Festival Free Spirit Festival - celebration of Tibetan art and culture, especially reflecting contemporary life.

A note from the organiser

Tibetan culture as it is today would not have been without the confluence of shared cultures from India, China, Mongolia, Nepal, and other areas. As such, we cannot limit our culture with what we have. It must grow.

The Festival aims to provde a forum for Tibetan artists and professionals, pursuing both traditional and modern art forms, to display and share their talents and aspirations. Through it, it is hoped that we will be able to add a new dimension and concept into Tibetan culture, and the whole movement for a Free Tibet in a scientific and creative way.

For the second Free Spiriti Festival this year, in addition to various artists, we have Lama Mani, a unique storyteller. As Bhuchung Gyurme presents this age-old tradition, we will be forced to ask ourselves this qustion: How much do we treasure this dying tradition?

Mr Lee Ryuiji OKA, our guest artiste from Japan, will present his "Quiet Change" in what he calls "Butoh Dance". He came all the way from Japan for the Festival. We hope he will be inspirational to all.

As the details of all the artists are here already, I will not name all the artists, despite the fact that there are artists who need special attention and mention.

As the preparations began, there were a number of our own people who were very encouraging both morally and practically; there were others of our own people who were also very discouraging and agonising. I will mention more about it in the Free Spirit speech. Since not so much can be put in this page, we have a separate page of acknowledgements for our supporters with whose help this Festival became possible.

It is hoped that the Free Spirit Festival will inspire, educate, and entertain you all. If we are able to get enough funding we intend to bring it to more people — a show dedicated to the Tibetans.

Hope all of you will enjoy the Free Spirit Festival.

Lobsang Wangyal