Awards at the Free Spirit Festival

Free Spirit Award Certificate

1. Free Spirit Award

The Free Spirit Award was created in 2003 to honour and show appreciation for the works of artistes, individuals and organisations that have contributed for the cause of Tibetan people in particular and to the advancement of peace, justice, creativity, environment, and women empowerment in general. The annual award is marked by presentation of a certificate with an inscription summing up the work of the distinguished receiver.

Free Spirit Film Award Certificate

2. Free Spirit Film Awards

The Free Spirit Film Awards were started with three awards in the inaugural of the annual film festival in 2004. A jury chose the winners from the pool of films screened in the festival in more than ten different categories. The Audience Award is decided by festivalgoers' ballots. The Free Spirit Film Awards not only recognise and celebrate the beautiful and excellent works of the filmmakers, but poses a challenge for them to reach new heights.

Free Spirit Film Award Certificate

3. Tibetan Music Awards

The Tibetan Music Awards is to honour Tibetan musicians, singers, and others from the recording industry for their musical and artistic achievements, and to encourage excellence in the industry. The awards were started in 2003. The event is held every two years, and the awards are based on albums produced within that time. The winners will be directly elected by the public through online voting on the MusicTibet.Com website. Musicians, singers, and others who get the maximum number of votes will be the winners in each category.